Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) has put many elements in place to make sure that seniors and persons with disabilities have an easy and comfortable experience.

Assistance is available for passengers with disabilities.
All LAX-it shuttles are ADA accessible. There are two types of buses in operation, large and small. Large buses are low floor (no stairs) and features wheelchair ramps for those who need them. Small buses have steps and is equipped with a wheelchair lift. If large bus is preferred, please consider bypassing the smaller buses and wait for the large bus. For additional assistance, please e-mail laxit@lawa.org in advanced of your arrival to LAX. We will make every effort to provide boarding and luggage assistance.
The LAX-it shuttle is free. The LAX-it shuttles will travel in lanes dedicated only to LAWA-operated buses and shuttles.
  • Go to the nearest LAX-it shuttle stop. Stops are located on the arrivals (lower) level adjacent to baggage claim areas and have a green column wrap. Wheelchair passengers should proceed to the front of the line for priority boarding.
  • All LAX-it shuttles have ADA compliant wheelchair tie down areas, and all necessary hardware. The shuttle driver will assist in securing the wheelchair for travel for persons with disabilities.
  • Upon arrival at LAX-it, the driver will assist in removing the wheelchair tie down hardware. Lot attendant is available to assist passenger get off the shuttle and with luggage, as needed.

  • Airline attendant will assist in taking the passenger to the arrivals (lower) level LAX-it shuttle stop. Passenger will be brought to the front of the line for priority boarding.
  • Upon arrival at LAX-it, a wheelchair will meet the passenger at the shuttle.
LAX-it Shuttle Section
The LAX-it lot itself goes well beyond ADA compliance to be ADA friendly:

We offer restrooms that are ADA friendly, purpose built for easy access and offer adult changing stations.

Each crosswalk has been designed to be at-grade so there are no ramps to go up/down.

The charging stations are designed for easy access.

Persons with mobility issues may want to consider registering with their local paratransit service. In Los Angeles, the paratransit service is Access Services. Contact information is provided below:

Access Services
TOLL FREE   1.800.827.0829
TDD   1.800.827.1359
EMAIL   cserv@accessla.org

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