LAX FlyAway® Bus - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

November 1st – New Online Ticket System Transition

Purchasing a Ticket

Beginning November 1, 2022, while a new Online FlyAway Ticket System is in transition, tickets may be purchased in-person at the Van Nuys FlyAway Terminal and Union Station Ticket Booth.

These purchases can be done via credit/debit card transactions (contactless, chip, swipe or mobile wallet). The FlyAway service accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Cash is not accepted. You may only purchase tickets with cash at the Metrolink ticket vending machine at Union Station. There are no other cash purchase options. If you are asked to pay cash, please report the incident to FlyAwayComments@lawa.org. FlyAway does not operate by reservation, passengers are served on a first come, first served basis.

* Tickets purchased prior to November 1st continue to be valid for a period of 30 days from purchase. Just make sure you bring with you your confirmation email, ticket number or order confirmation number with you for validation by our ticket agents at either Van Nuys or Union Station terminals.

Ticket Rules

Tickets are good for 30 days from the date of purchase and are good for any time of day. One-way tickets can be used for any direction of your trip and by someone else other than the purchaser. Online tickets do not need to be printed to board the bus. You can show a hard copy or electronic copy of you confirmation email.


All sales are final. Tickets are valid 30 days from the date of purchase. No refunds or extensions will be provided. Make sure to plan your purchase of the FlyAway ticket accordingly. If you are charged multiple times for one trip, please email FlyAwayComments@lawa.org to submit a request for refund.

Rider Discounts

FlyAway riders may receive a discount if you are a holder of a Metrolink or Metro EZ pass. At this time, there are no group/family rates or senior discounts, however, two children under the age of five can ride free with each paying adult. Employees do not receive a discount, but have the option to purchase an employee monthly pass. Please visit our Fare page  for more information on employee passes and other agency public transit users.

The FlyAway is a form of public transportation and cannot guarantee estimated travel time to and from LAX. Traffic in and around the Los Angeles area is unpredictable and varies day to day. For the most accurate travel time, we suggest checking navigation sites on the day and time of your travel to determine if there are any delays.

Van Nuys estimated travel time for one way: 40 to 80 minutes.

Union Station estimated travel time for one way: 30 to 60 minutes.

Where can I park?

Each route has parking in the surrounding areas of the stop, however not all are FlyAway designated.

Union Station – Parking is available in the structure on Vignes Street under the bus plaza at a daily rate of $8, with a 30-day limit (as of 08/26/21). For more information, please visit Union Station’s parking website or call (213) 620-0115.

Van Nuys – Parking is available at the FlyAway Bus Terminal in a covered parking structure on Woodley Avenue and regularly patrolled by security officers. The daily rate is $5, with a 30-day limit. Parking may be limited during peak travel periods. The Van Nuys FlyAway Parking Facility can be reached at (818) 997-4427.

Where do I drop-off/pick up a passenger?

Union Station – Passengers entering the Metro parking structure from Vignes Street should turn right on Level P-1 and enter the passenger pick up and drop off area on the right.

Van Nuys – Motorists may drop off or pick up passengers at the FlyAway Bus Terminal entrance on Woodley Avenue.

Seniors and Disabled Guests can board the FlyAway with ease on our wheelchair accessible buses. Beginning November 1, 2022, to ensure we can provide the best customer service for you, please call us at ahead at 1-866-iFlyLAX (1-866-435-9529) to reserve a space. Trained service animals are allowed aboard all FlyAway buses. Service animals should sit in the floor space in front of the customer’s seat and must not protrude in the aisle to comply with safety regulations.

If you have lost an item while traveling with the FlyAway, please contact (714) 507-1170 for the quickest response. Additional resources for locating lost and found items:

  •  If you have lost your item at LAX Airport, Airport Police manages all lost items at LAX. General information about Lost & Found can be found here. To search the LAX Lost & Found catalog, click here.
  •  Guests may also submit an inquiry to FlyAwayComments@lawa.org.

General Baggage Information

The FlyAway allows three stored bags and/or either types of containers meeting weight and size limitations and one carry-on item per ticketed passenger. Passenger name identification must be placed on the outside of all baggage. The owner’s name and complete permanent address should be contained inside each piece of luggage. Los Angeles World Airports assumes no liability for articles that are carried on board or for lost, stolen, or damaged luggage and personal articles.


No single piece of luggage will be accepted if it’s combined length, width, and height exceeds 62 inches. Small items such as cosmetic bags, briefcases, etc. should be carried aboard the bus with you. No single piece of luggage or property weighing in excess of fifty (50) pounds will be accepted for transportation in baggage service.

Unique Luggage

FlyAway accepts unique pieces of luggage on our service. Rules & Guidelines for these unique pieces are detailed below.

  •  Sport items such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, snow or water skis, surfboards, or bicycles will be accepted in fully enclosed containers no more than 92 inches in length.
  •  Musical instruments will be accepted when enclosed in substantially rigid containers to withstand handling in regular baggage service.
  •  Guns or Firearms (Unloaded) will be accepted only when enclosed in wood, leather, or other substantially rigid cases.
  •  Wheelchairs must meet general weight limit and fit in the baggage compartment with the user’s understanding that it might not be carried in an upright position. Non-spillable batteries meeting FAA Title 49 accepted. Non-ambulatory passengers can be boarded on wheelchair-lift equipped buses.

Prohibited Articles & Receptacles in Baggage Service

Acids, articles of extraordinary value, baby carriages, cameras, electronic equipment (computers, stereos, radios, television sets, tape recorders, etc.), chinaware, cylinder containing compressed gas explosives, fragile articles, furniture, loaded guns or other Firearms, inflammable material or liquids, and freight-type articles are prohibited from being placed in FlyAway baggage service. (Operator reserves the right to determine what constitutes “freight”).

Each FlyAway bus is equipped with free Wi-Fi and reclining seats for a comfortable trip. Please ask your driver for instructions to connect to the Wi-Fi. Please note, there are no restrooms on the bus.


Guests of all ages are welcome on the FlyAway. Each bus is equipped with seatbelts for use. Car seats are not required and parents can choose to hold babies on their laps and stow the car seat or opt to have the baby ride in the car seat on the bus.


FlyAway encourages travel with your furry friends. Animals are allowed aboard the bus. Trained service animals are allowed to accompany qualified customers with disabilities on the bus. A service animal shouldn’t sit in the floor space in front of the customer’s seat, but cannot protrude in the aisles to comply with safety regulations. Non-service animals are required to be in a suitable carrier and must fit completely under the seat in front of the customer and remain there at all times.

If there are any additional questions or comments, you may contact us at out 24-hour customer service line.

1 (866) iFlyLAX or 1 (866) 435-9529

We want to hear about your experience! Submit a comment to our FlyAway Comment Form.

The FlyAway was established in 1975, with the first site at our Van Nuys location. Since the inception, there have been nine locations that have operated among the years.

Route Location

Start of Operation

End of Operation

Van Nuys

July 1975

Currently in operation

Union Station

March 2006

Currently in operation

Long Beach

December 2015

March 2020


September 2014

March 2020


June 2007

June 2019

Orange Line

December 2015

January 2019

Santa Monica

July 2014

September 2016

La Brea/Expo

June 2013

August 2014


November 2009

August 2012


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