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LAX Infoline (855) 463‑5252 │ Email
LAX Parking Infoline (310) 646‑2911 │ Email
For TTY, please call California Relay Service at (800) 735‑2929
24-hour LAX Construction Hotline (310) 649‑LAWA (5292) │ Email

Please select the appropriate comment form from the list below to expedite assistance. Thank you for your feedback!

1 General Comment Form

To help you obtain information as quickly as possible, we have compiled this list of questions frequently asked by travelers and other visitors. If you still have questions after reviewing this information, please feel free to send us your comment about the airport by filling in the information below.

For comments to other City of Los Angeles departments, click here.

2 LAX Ground Transportation Comment Form

In our efforts to provide quality ground transportation services at LAX, we welcome your comments and/or complaints.

3 LAX Parking Comment Form

Complete this form if you have a concern, comment or suggestion you would like to share about parking in LAX.

4 Travelers with Disabilities Feedback Form

Complete this form if you have a concern, comment or suggestion you would like to share with our DISABILITY OFFICE. Please use the Public Feedback form if your submission is not related to a traveler with a disability. If this is in reference to an incident you experienced at the airport please provide as much information as possible such time, date, location, name(s), etc. This will help us in investigating the matter.


5 Lost And Found Form

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The LAX Lost and Found is managed by the Airport Police Division. The mission of the Airport Police Lost and Found Unit is to reunite the public with lost items. Our team uses Crowdfind to manage lost Items and inquiries. A claim is a method of inquiry and it is not a police report. We are not affiliated with third party websites that help search for lost items. Using a third-party service, will not expedite your claim with us.

We receive lost items from various areas of the airport. To inquire about a lost item, please select the appropriate box.


Frequently Asked Questions:

The method of inquiry for lost items is online. Submit a claim to inquire about a lost item on our website. To search for an item left at the TSA checkpoint click here.
To search for an item lost in public areas such as ticketing, curbside, baggage claim, gate area, stores, LAX-IT, airport parking lots, click here.
No, we are not affiliated with third-party companies that help search for lost items. Using a third party does not help expedite your inquiry with us. Emails from our office will come from our software providers email domain @crowdfind.com.
No, there are no fees to inquire about a lost item with the LAX Airport Police.
The information requested by our team will help us identify the owner to ensure the item is returned to the correct person. Owner verification is required by law (Civil Code § 2080.2).
Crowdfind is the software our team uses to inventory lost and items and review inquiries. Crowdfind does not physically manage the lost and found, please do not contact Crowdfind for updates on your claim.
Our team will primarily contact you via email but may also call you for further information as needed. Our team will attempt to contact you twice via email. If we do not receive a response, your claim will be closed.
Your claim is in the process of being reviewed. We receive approximately 5,000 to 7,000 items per month. Our email messages may be going to your SPAM or Junk Mailbox. To ensure you receive our messages please add our software provider’s email domain to you SPAM filter (@crowdfind.com).
Claims are reviewed Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, from the date the property is received at our facility. The response time can vary from 14 business days to 5 weeks and is subject to change without notice.
Items are shipped at the owner’s expense. Please check your email to retrieve the shipping link. The link will direct you to the page for address verification and payment. The LAX Airport Police does not receive the payment for your shipping cost. Fees are collected by Crowdfind. There are no in-person returns.

Claims are closed for one of the following reasons:

  • We did not receive your item.
  • We did not receive the information requested to verify ownership.
  • You did not recover your item within 90 days.
Property will be disposed of in accordance to law (Civil Code § 2080.6). Auctioned items will be sent to propertyroom.com
No, a lost and found claim is a method of inquiry with the LAX Airport Police Lost and Found. To file a police report, call the Airport Police Front Desk at 424-646-6100.

Other Lost and Found Inquiries:

Airline - Lost suitcase or items left on an aircraft, click here.
Dining & Shopping, click here.
Transportation, click here.

LAX shuttle buses are operated by ABM (424) 273-7266
  • Greenline, ADA Airline Connector & Employee (ABM)
  • Economy Lot E (310) 893-4676

1-866-iFlyLAX for flyaway concerns (lost and found)

U.S. Customs – Lost Passports (310) 665-4560

6. LAX Construction Hotline

Have a comment, questions or concern about LAX Construction? You can call, email or fill out the following form and we will respond.

7. LAX Gold Stars

At LAX, we strive to create LAXceptional Xperiences for all of our guests.
If you’ve received gold-star service from any of our employees, we’d love to hear about it!

For comments and suggestions regarding this website, please send your emails to the LAWA Webmaster.

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