We Our Employees

To all our employees and our partners who kept and continue to keep LAX and VNY running smoothly, you are our heroes! We know times are tough and we face a challenging environment, but your dedication and commitment have helped to keep each other and our guests safe. We hope that you will feel the love in the coming weeks as we send out special notes of thanks and images from teams all across our organization. Make sure to watch social media and this page for new images and thank you notes posted every Thursday for Thank You Thursdays. You will also want to get connected to the Text Club to get special offers of thanks in the form of good food and drinks. These are just a few of the things we are doing to tell you just how much you are appreciated. For all you have done to keep us moving and our guests traveling safely, we wish you a heartfelt thanks!

I am so proud of the way our team has performed over the last months. You responded to the crisis with flexibility, dedication, collaboration and an overall desire to make things work better. It is this passion and this attitude gives me confidence that despite the challenges we still must face, we will come out better, stronger and closer in the end. Thank you for this and for your continued hard work and support. It is very much appreciated.

Justin Erbacci
CEO, Los Angeles World Airports

Thank You Book 3


You can recognize any employee who works at LAX for providing LAXceptional experiences and going the LAXtra Mile by visiting our Gold Star recognition program here.

While it is hard to say thank you for all your work we are going to try with Thank You Thursdays. Each week a text will be sent from the text club with special offers from some of our best restaurants for free items and discounts. Join the club by texting LAX to 6400 on your cell phone.

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