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Economy Lot E is closed until further notice, please call (310) 893-4676

Structure Lot Parking Rates

All Parking Lots

15 Minutes Free Parking

$5 First hour or fraction thereof

$4 Each 30 Minutes after the first hour

$40 Maximum for each 24 hour period

For any questions, please contact ABM at 310-646-2911

Parking Structure 3, 1st level only

Free passenger pickup area. Immediate loading/unloading only. No parking allowed.

To access the pickup area, use the second entrance to Parking Structure 3 from World Way North.

Parking Structure 3, levels 2-4

To park at Parking Structure 3, access all upper levels from the first entrance on World Way North.

Parking Lot General Contact Number

(310) 646-2911

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