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Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is committed to serving the disabled community visiting its airports. This webpage is designed to assist travelers with disabilities to plan and prepare for their travels as well as to navigate the airports upon arrival. For suggestions or comments regarding this webpage, please feel free to contact LAWA's Office of the Coordinator for Disabled Services by clicking here.

Reasonable Modification Policy

In accordance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) it is the policy of Los Angeles World Airports to provide individuals with disabilities with a reasonable modification to its policies, practices, and procedures so that they can access airport programs, facilities and activities.

What Is A Reasonable Modification?

A reasonable modification is a change or exception to a policy, practice, or procedure that allows people with disabilities to have equal access to programs, services and activities. Reasonable modifications must always be related to the individual’s specific limitation caused by the disability.

When requesting a reasonable modification to an airport program or service, an individual with a disability is not required to provide a medical documentation or diagnosis to justify their request, but they must be able to explain how their disability is related to the requested modification.

How do I request a Reasonable Modification?

Contact the airport division offering the program or activity you wish to participate in. They will arrange for special accommodations. Their contact information is provided on the literature announcing the event.

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